Connection Stability

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Once your TVMOBiLi installation has been found by your TV/Blu-ray/Games Console you may notice that there are periods of time during which TVMOBiLi becomes undiscoverable.

Multiple Network Cards

In some circumstances, it may only be for a split second, your TV will display a message saying something similar to 'media server disconnected', followed almost immediately by 'media server discovered'. This is a classic example of a user having both network cards (wired and wireless) connected to the network at the same time.

Disable your wireless network card in the system settings/preferences and this problem will be resolved.

Multicast Configuration

This problem really only affects Linux/Mac computers. In cases where TVMOBiLi is discovered and then after a period of time the connection is lost, it may be down to a simple network setting for your network card. To resolve this you need to issue the following command against all your network cards:

echo "0">/sys/devices/virtual/net/<interface>/bridge/multicast_snooping

Replace the word <interface> with the physical interface adapter (eg en0, etc. etc.)