Ethernet over Powerlines

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Ethernet over Powelines

What is Ethernet Over Powerlines

Ethernet Over Powerlines is an alternative way of connecting networked devices together using the mains wiring as a communications medium.

My devices are connected by WiFi so why do I need it?

WiFi is a fantastic mechanism for connecting devices without the hassle of having to run cables around your home however, the big drawback with it is that it has limited bandwidth and can be prone to interference. For ordinary web browsing, the bandwidth limitation is not really an issue but when it comes to streaming movies, WiFi can run out of bandwidth pretty quickly especially if those movies are HD. The symptoms of lack of bandwidth when streaming are varied and include stuttering playback, unsynchronised sound and video or even dropped connections.

Ethernet Over Powerlines offers the same advantage as WiFi but with significantly improved bandwidth.

How does Ethernet Over Powerlines Work?

Ethernet Over Powerlines uses the mains wiring of your house as the transmission medium for network communications. For a networked device to transfer data over the mains wiring, an ethernet cable is connected from the device to a special adapter which then is plugged into a spare wall socket. A second adapter is connected in the same way to your hub/router.

Who makes these special adapters?

There are a few different manufacturers/vendors of Ethernet Over Powerlines adapters. We tend to use 500Mb adapters made by Devolo ( as we have had good experience with them.

How many of these special adapters do I need?

As a rule you need one for your router and then one each for each device you intend to connect via this way. There are some multiport adapters available if you have two or three networked devices close together.

Where can I get them from?

Most computer hardware vendors sell them as well as the likes of Amazon.