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Is my media stored online?

Most definitely not. Your media ALWAYS remains under your control on your computer and is never copied to any of our servers.

How do I load my Movies etc onto my computer?

See our guide on how to make make digital copies of your media.

I can't download QPKG/SPK, Internet Explorer opens the file instead of saving it?

It seems that some versions of IE open the file instead of downloading it. Try using a different web browser to download it. If after trying another browser you are still having problems email support and we will send it to you.

How do I change the folder hierarchy/layout within TVMOBiLi?

For most users our suggested folder layout provides enough functionality, however, some users prefer to use their own folder structure within TVMOBiLi and you can control this by making the following setting in tvMobiliService.conf


  • Save the file, then restart TVMOBiLi and the 'pseudo' file structure used by TVMOBiLi will disappear and will be replaced with the folder structure from your computer's hard disk which you can control.

Alternative to WiFi?

WiFi is great for web browsing but often does not have the necessary bandwidth required for streaming, especially if the media you are streaming is an HD movie, you really need a wired connection. The ideal solution is to have a wired connection from your router to both your computer and your playback device(s) however, this is rarely practical. Fortunately there is a good alternative to WiFi that does not mean you need to run new cables but offers significantly higher bandwidth - Ethernet over Powerlines using adapters such as those made by Devolo.

Can I secure my content with a username and password within my home?

Yes you can do this although you may find it will cause problems with streaming from most of your AV equipment. See My network is broken into several subnets, how can I only permit access from subnets of my choice?

My network is broken into several subnets, how can I only permit access from subnets of my choice?

  • Edit the TVMOBiLi config file (tvMobiliService.conf) and add/amend the entry LocalSubnets. LocalSubnets is a comma seperated list of subnets that TVMOBiLi is to treat as local and allow unsecured access from devices on these subnets. If you only want to allow access from the local machine and devices on the subnet 192.168.11.* then set LocalSubnets:
  • Save the config file and restart TVMOBiLi

How do I access my media from outside my home?

To do this you will need to open up your firewall to allow access to TVMOBiLi. External access Here's what you need to do:

  • Register your installation. As part of the registration process you will be required to provide an email address and password. The email and password are your logon credentials.
  • Open port 30888 in your routers firewall and forward onto the computer TVMOBiLi is installed on.
  • Edit the TVMOBiLi config file (tvMobiliService.conf) and add the following:
  • Save the config file and restart TVMOBiLi

You should now be able to access TVMOBiLi from outside your home.

From a web browser:

http://<your external IP address>:30888

You will be presented with a challenge/response. Enter the username and password you entered during registration.

From a UPnP/DLNA device:

http://<your external IP address>:30888/__rootDevice?user=<your username>&pwd=<your password>


  • <your external IP address> is the external IP address of your computer. If you do not know your external IP address and you are on a computer within your home then click here.
  • <your username> is the email address you entered when you registered your installation.
  • <your password> is the password you entered when you registered your installation.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply log onto PayPal and cancel your subscription there. TVMOBiLi Ltd can not do this for you as TVMOBiLi has no control over your account and is just the beneficiary of the payment.