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Which Version

TVMOBiLi is packaged for each version of OS/X we support and it is important you download the correct version for it to work correctly on your Mac. Versions of OS/X are both numbered and named i.e. 10.8.* Mountain Lion and you can find out which version of OS/X you are running by clicking on 'About This Mac' under the Apple icon on the top left of the OS/X desktop.

  • OS/X 10.5.* then you need the Leopard version
  • OS/X 10.6.* then you need the Snow Leopard version
  • OS/X 10.7.* then you need the Lion version
  • OS/X 10.8.* then you need the Mountain Lion version
  • OS/X 10.9.* then you need the Mavericks version


From the Desktop

Once you have downloaded the .dmg, double click on it to open it up and reveal the install package. Double click the enclosed .pkg file and it will lead you through the install procedure.

From the command line

Mount the disk image

sudo hdiutil mount <tvmobili dmg>.dmg

Once the disk image is mounted, hdiutil should report back the mount point - most likely /Volumes/TVMOBiLi. Assuming the disk image has been mounted in /Volumes/TVMOBiLi, run the installed to install the enclosed package

sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/TVMOBiLi/<tvmobili package file>.pkg -target /

Unmount the disk image

sudo hdiutil unmount /Volumes/TVMOBiLi

Start / Stop

To start and stop the daemon open and type:

 /Applications/ stop
 /Applications/ start

Disable/Enable automatic start on boot

To disable automatic start on machine boot:

 /Applications/ noautostart

To enable automatic start on machine boot:

 /Applications/ autostart

External Hard Drive

This section details how to mount a share on another computer such as a NAS into your Macs filesystem. The examples here assume the external hard drive is on a NAS with an IP address of that has shares available called Multimedia and iTunes. These shares are to be mounted into the Mac's filesystem under /Volumes/MyNAS

The files you need to edit here are most likely protected and you will need admin privileges to modify them.

OS/X earlier than Lion

Open and create the folder under which you want the shares to appear:

sudo mkdir -p /Volumes/MyNAS

edit /etc/fstab and add the entries: /Volumes/MyNAS/iTunes url automounted,url==cifs://MSHOME@ 0 0 /Volumes/MyNAS/Multimedia url automounted,url==cifs://MSHOME@ 0 0

Save the file and reboot.

OS/X from Lion onwards

Open and create the folder under which you want the shares to appear:

sudo mkdir -p /Volumes/MyNAS

2) Define the shares you want to mount. My QNAP has an IP address of has shares Multimedia and iTunes which I want to mount under /Volumes/MyNAS. Type the following into the file:

Multimedia -fstype=afp afp://
iTunes -fstype=afp afp://

Save the file in the /etc directory with a name of your choosing. In this example a good name would be MyNAS_mounts

3) Edit /etc/auto_master and add a reference to the file you just created 

/Volumes/MyNAS MyNAS_mounts

Save the file and reboot.


Unfortunately the Apple installer does not include a facility for uninstalling software and instead it is left to individual software vendors to provide their own solutions. As TVMOBiLi is a server application, it is not sufficient to just drag the app to trash, it needs to be uninstalled. To uninstall, open and type:


If you have already dragged to trash then there should be a second copy of the uninstaller on the computer: